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Pawsitive K9 Academy offers several options of dog training in the Southern MD counties of St Marys, Calvert and Charles. Our courses are designed to let each dog learn in their own way and pace. We encourage socialization and attention while around distractions. We even work to control nuisance behavior, such as nipping, biting, jumping and more. All dogs are welcome at Pawsitive K9 Academy Dog Training.

We believe that all dogs can learn - and want to learn - how to be well-mannered and obedient. We take on all breeds, ages, and skill levels. Whether your dog is a young puppy that needs a basic foundation of training, or an older dog that has some bad habits that need to be broken, we are here to help with all your Southern MD dog training needs.


Positive Reinforcement Only Training: Teaches and embeds commands of come, sit, down, place, heel and stay using positive reinforcement when your dog complies. With positive reinforcement only training, there must be an understanding that with distractions or stubbornness from the dog there will be times the dog may not listen.

Leash and Collar: Teaches and embeds commands of come, sit down, place, heel, and stay using positive reinforcement when your dog complies. When the dog does not comply, we use the pressure from the leash and collar to communicate with the dog to guide him/her and increase compliance.

Positive Reinforcement with Correction: The most effective method. Teaches and embeds commands of come, sit, down, place, heel, and stay using positive reinforcement when your dog complies. When the dog does not comply, we use an e-collar at very low levels to communicate with the dog to guide him/her and increase compliance.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

We highly recommend Pawsitive K9 Academy. Greg is the BEST! He’s patient, knowledgeable, and not that it’s required in a dog trainer, a genuinely nice person. Our puppy Levi was the ruler of our house. He bullied us into giving him constant attention. We walked him, played with him, and gave belly rubs on demand. We were pushovers! Greg has transformed our out-of-control puppy into an obedient member of the family. We’ve come to realize that training our puppy was the easy part for Greg, training us was the real challenge. He taught us that being consistent is key. We need to require Levi to follow the rules all the time, not just most of the time. We are confident that we can continue to become better puppy parents, but if we slip up and forget our role, support from Greg is just a text or phone call away.

Gayle Troan, 12-2-21

Best money I’ve ever spent! Greg is the best - he trained my dog Honey and me too! I’m more confident and Honey is so well behaved now.

Karen Stanley, 11-10-21

Greg was so great with our very energetic 18 month old golden retriever. Not only did Greg give us the tools to train our dog, but he ensured each family member was consistent with the training. He was very patient showing our pre-teen and teenager how to train and walk our dog. Greg spent a lot of time answering all of our questions, he was always available to answer questions outside of our sessions, and was very responsive. We would recommend Pawsitive K9 Academy to everyone trying to train their pup to be a wonderful, well behaved family member! Thanks Greg!!!

Theresa Miller Francis, 8-29-21

Greg is absolutely amazing. Our Golden doodle wasn’t aware of her own size and loved people, this made it hard for people to come in the house or for us to go on walks. She would jump and pull on everyone. Now she can go sit in place and be calm while people enter the house and she walks almost perfectly on leash. We are so happy we found Greg he made training seem so easy!

Anastasia Elaine, 6-17-21

I can't say enough good things about Greg and Pawsitive K9 Academy! Greg truly has a passion for what he does and it shows. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking into obedience training for their dog, you won't regret it!

Lisa Pulliam, 4-8-21

We have had a great experience working with Greg! We have learned lots of helpful tools that have allowed us to enjoy our puppy even more than before, as he learned his boundaries! Thanks!

Mary Faith, 2-16-21

After a short time with my 12-year-old fur baby Nick, Greg had him walking up and down the ramp instead of stairs. It’s a huge relief knowing all the struggling Nick was doing just trying to get up and down 3 stairs. He suffers from Lyme and massive growths on his chest (the vets say his age makes it extremely dangerous to remove them). Greg is amazing, he definitely has a passion for this and does an awesome job. Highly recommend!!!

Connie Steele Powell, 2-4-21

Calvert Dog Training

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Mase Graduated from her Dog training classes today from Pawsitive K9 Academy, such a good girl, a big shout out to Greg her Trainer....if anyone or if anyone knows of anyone needing assistance with their Dog, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!! Greg is so patient and good with your Dog and you can call or text him anytime if you have a question or problem during homework.

Bonnie Glaubitz, 12-3-20

I want to give a huge shout out to Gregory from Pawsitive K9 Academy, LLC. He absolutely loves what he does and goes above and beyond to ensure that you are learning what you need to be able teach your dogs! He is amazing and I recommend him for all your dog training needs.

Haley Mozie, 11-23-20

I adopted a 10-month-old puppy who had experienced some trauma in her early life and did not love some strangers; she would growl and attempt to bite. In today's society it's too much of a liability and we were getting ready to move near my 3-year-old nephews. I had one month to correct her behavior. I called Greg and we began training immediately! Greg was terrific: he modeled, he taught and explained the rational, then gave feedback on my performance. I am happy to announce that the introductions with my brother and his family went well and Hattie has not growled or attempted to bite my family or the 3 most recent visitors. Thank you, Greg!

Jennifer Boutwell, 8-2-20

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Greg is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Ramsey took to him quickly and we learned a lot in our first lesson. We are looking forward to the next lessons. Highly recommend!

Eric Bryan, 7-4-20

Greg is so positive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about training. Our expectations were far exceeded.

Katie Woodburn Bryan, 7-3-20

FANTASTIC! From basic obedience to advanced off leash control and anything in between, Greg can and would love to work with you and you dog! Doesn't just train your dog, but teaches you how to train your dog.

Trenton Hagan, 3-26-20

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