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When you bring your dog to Pawsitive K9 Academy, you and your pet will receive the very best dog or puppy training and instruction in the Southern MD, St Marys, Charles and Calvert County areas. Pawsitive K9 Academy provides 11 years of dog training experience designed to help your dog learn basic obedience, good behavior, and standard commands.

Does My Dog Need a Professional Dog Trainer in Southern MD?

All dogs are good dogs, but not all dogs are well-trained pets. Does your dog do these things: bark when the doorbell rings, jump on or nip at friends and guests, pull while on walks, chase the family cat, or get into your trash can? Or does your puppy relieve themselves in the house and need potty training? Some pet owners think their pets’ behavior are normal dog or puppy actions, but sometimes bad behavior requires professional dog obedience help.

Pawsitive K9 Academy LLC, is your preferred choice for your dog to learn basic obedience, good behavior, and standard commands in St Marys County, Calvert County or Charles County in Southern Maryland.

About Us

Greg Rocheleau, owner and head trainer of Pawsitive K9 Academy, has been a dog lover his entire life. When he was a kid, he used to teach his dog Sunshine tricks and was amazed at how quickly she learned. While working in the furniture industry, Greg began training dogs part-time to apply his love of training dogs. After a few years, Greg started his own company, Pawsitive K9 Academy, to begin training dogs full-time. For the past 4 years, Greg has trained over 100 dogs to be an obedient member of their family. His core training beliefs are to get your dog to be a proper member of your household, be obedient, and bring joy to dog owners in Southern Maryland.

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Testimonials from our Clients

Lisa Pulliam 4-19-21

Greg is such a wonderful trainer. I was beyond impressed with his knowledge and patience while training my Vizsla, Willow. I would 100% recommend his services for anyone interested in seeking training for their K9.

Alison Thir 3-27-21

Greg has helped us and especially our kids learn how to manage our puppy. He has helped us through some problematic behaviors but also educated us on normal puppy behaviors as well. Between sessions he was available to help us if we needed it as well! Thank you, Greg, for helping us redirect our puppy’s energy into fun and rewarding experiences!

Mary Faith 2-16-21

We have had a great experience working with Greg! We have learned lots of helpful tools that have allowed us to enjoy our puppy even more than before, as he learned his boundaries! Thanks!

Connie Steele Powell 2-4-21

After a short time with my 12-year-old fur baby Nick, Greg had him walking up and down the ramp instead of stairs. It’s a huge relief knowing all the struggling Nick was doing just trying to get up and down 3 stairs. He suffers from Lyme and massive growths on his chest (the vets say his age makes it extremely dangerous to remove them). Greg is amazing, he definitely has a passion for this and does an awesome job. Highly recommend!!!

Lisa Yates 1-31-21

Greg is absolutely AMAZING! We started obedience training with our puppy when he was 9 weeks old and during our first lesson within 10 minutes of working with our pup Greg already had him listening to the come and sit commands!

Becky Ritchie Leishear 1-18-21

Greg is the best! He is so patient and knowledgeable. His training techniques built confidence in our puppy.

Tracy Barriger Vallandingham 12-6-20

Greg was absolutely wonderful with our Milo. He was so patient and not only helped our sweet pup gain more confidence but also taught our family how to better interact with Milo.

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